Yoga Basics Definition, Benefits and Technique

Yoga Basics Mantra

We typically think yoga is a physical practice that involves various poses and breathing techniques. Did you know that the mindful repetition of a word or sound is also a type of yoga? The chanting of sacred sound vibrations is known as mantra yoga, japa, or mantra meditation. This ancient practice is one of the most powerful ways to clear your mind, focus your concentration and calm your emotions. This type of yoga is a simple yet potent practice that can be easily learned and only requires a minimum of 15 minutes a day to practice. Learn More: 5 Common Yoga Exercises and Poses for Beginners What is a mantra? A mantra is a word, or a series of words chanted aloud or silently to invoke spiritual qualities. The Sanskrit root word ‘manas’ translates as mind, and ‘tra’ means instrument or tool. It is commonly translated to mean “an instrument […]

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