What is Iyengar yoga: benefits, postures and more

Iyengar yoga benefits

The main benefit of Iyengar yoga is to align the body: discover 10 postures for all levels, tips and alternatives for beginners Iyengar yoga, as its name suggests, is based on what Bellur Krishnamachar Iyengar taught, since as a young man he suffered from various illnesses (flu, tuberculosis, malaria…). There is a basic concept in yoga, and that is that it allows one to be the owner of the circumstances, instead of its slave – Iyengar. At the age of 15, he began yoga thanks to a relative of his, Sri Krishnamacharya, noticing great improvements in his health. Learn More: Energizing Yoga Poses for Students to Increase Productivity This encouraged him to dedicate himself to teaching this discipline, creating a new type of yoga that he called his name, “Iyengar”, so that it would be different from the rest; although hatha yoga be the predecessor of it. BKS Iyengar in […]

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