Energizing Yoga Poses for Students to Increase Productivity

Energizing Yoga Poses for Students to Increase Productivity

There are several energizing Yoga poses and sequences that will help students to increase their level of productivity. Many commitments often challenge students to their academic studies, personal interests, friends, sports, and family obligations.

Yoga postures and sequences that help to energize and invigorate both the body and the mind will help a student to reach his or her goals while maintaining good mental and physical health. Flowing sequences, such as Sun Salutations, Dancing Warrior Series, and Moon Salutations, can boost your energy anytime.

Energizing Yoga Poses for Students to Increase Productivity


Sun Salutations for Energy Cultivation

One of the best series of energizing Yoga poses is the Sun Salutation. This sequence forms the foundation for many flowing series of Yoga asanas. It is also great to warm up the entire body before delving into challenging standing, balancing, and back bending postures.

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For detailed instructions on practicing the A and B series of the Sun Salutation, please refer to a reputable book, website, or a professional Yoga studio in your area. Moving into the Warrior Poses from the Sun Salutation will leave you energized, strong, and focused. These qualities will benefit students of all ages!

Energizing Yoga Poses for Students to Increase Productivity

Warrior II Pose for Energy Cultivation

To begin your energizing Yoga poses, warm up first with a series of Sun Salutations before practicing Warrior II pose. When ready to practice Warrior 2 Pose, come to the front of your Yoga mat and stand in Equal Standing Pose. Feel the ground beneath you and take a deep, full breath.

Inhale, and with your next exhale, step your right foot back three and a half to four feet. Raise your arms to shoulder height with your palms facing down towards your Yoga mat. Your feet should be approximately as wide as your extended arms. Align the back of your right heel with the back of your left heel. In other words, both heels should fall on the same line on your mat.

Energizing Yoga Poses for Students to Increase Productivity
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Inhale, and bend your right knee to ninety degrees with your next exhale. Do not extend your right knee beyond the line of your right ankle.

Gaze over the middle finger of your right hand to a point on the horizon. Hold the pose for three to five complete breaths while holding your drishti on the same point in front of your extended right hand. When you are ready to come out of the pose, inhale as you bring your feet together and your arms back down to your sides.

Pause for a moment and feel the strength, determination, and expansion through your torso, arms, and shoulders. Repeat on the left-hand side. Energizing Yoga poses and flowing sequences make a positive difference in one’s lifestyle.

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