5 Common Yoga Exercises and Poses for Beginners


Five Common Yoga Exercises and Poses for Beginners Yoga is an ancient practice that has gained quite a lot of popularity due to the benefits it provides, which are never-ending. Some of them include better body awareness, increased flexibility, enhanced posture, improved health, reduced stress, mind and body connection, relief from tightened muscles, mental wellness, and more. A beginner might feel overwhelmed, considering the number of yoga exercises and poses that are prevalent. However, yoga is not so complicated. We have created a list of a few best and most common yoga exercises and poses beginners can easily include in their routine. Learn More: Yoga Basics Definition, Benefits and Technique Practice these poses with mindful breaths to master them before trying the more advanced variations. Here’s a look at five such exercises: 1) Garland Pose or Malasana The garland pose involves a deep squat movement that strengthens and stretches the […]

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